Senior Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, 
Sampoorna Yoga, Agonda, INDIA

Jenna shares Yoga with a passion. She began journeying through the self at the age of 8 when a friends mother handed her a meditation tape after a family trauma. Since then Jenna has continued to explore the inner workings of existence, enquiry of self and believes that our yoga practice is a method of healing from the inside out; she is living proof of this.


Jenna shares from experiential knowledge and participation in the method. Primarily Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, where the Ujjayi is used as a mantra to clear away the unnecessary thought in the mind. This can then develop to reciting the vinyasa count, or any other mantra you choose to enable you to quieten the chatter; and hear you own, inner, higher self speaking.



Starting her teaching in 2014 after intense study in Australia and India the following 5 years lead her to John Scott, who she studied with in Italy, Spain, Croatia, London and India. Jenna uses the practice as a profound evolutionary and healing tool that can be applied to every moment of every day. She has learnt to gracefully value the human condition by taking a close look at the fluctuations of the mind, and how we can live a happy life despite the challenges we all face.


We are all our own greatest teacher. Jenna is here to open the door for you. But it is you who must walk through. Based between the UK and India Jenna is an Independent teacher who is not your typical Ashtanga teacher. Rather than a strict approach, she uses a loving nurturing but disciplined method of guidance to ensure all students are able to embody the practice in their own anatomy, with great regard to biology and biography of her students. You are already perfectly designed. Allow me to empower you to remember who you are. Before the questions, before the answers.

As the Senior Yoga teacher at Sampoorna Yoga (teacher training School) in Goa, she works closely every day with aspiring yoga teachers from around the world.